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Dr. David J. Lim (1935 - 2018)
First NIDCD Scientific Director
Co-Founder of ARO

David J. Lim Foundation

A state-registered charitable organization was founded in 2021 by Mrs. Young-Sook Lim in honor of the late Professor David J. Lim who made significant contributions to ear research, serving as the first NIDCD Scientific Director and a Co-Founder of ARO

Our mission is to enhance auditory wellness by advancing basic and clinical research on ear diseases.  We strive to support young scientists engaged in auditory research and promote collaboration among international societies of Otorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery.

Members of Advisory Board

  • Young-Myoung Chun (Soree Ear Clinic, South Korea)

  • Timothy T. Jung (Loma Linda University, USA)

  • Hideyuki Kawauchi (Shimane University, Japan)

  • Sung Huhn Kim (Yonsei University, South Korea)

  • Hun Yi Park (Ajou University, South Korea)

  • Moo Kyun Park (Seoul National University, South Korea)

  • Raekil Park (GIST, South Korea)

  • Shi-Nae Park (The Catholic University of Korea, South Korea)

  • President (Korean Otological Society, South Korea)

  • D. Bradely Welling (Harvard University, USA)

  • President

Mrs. Young-Sook Lim


  • CFO & Gen. Sec.

Dr. Sung K. Moon 

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