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Special issue in Annals ORL
to commemorate Dr. Lim's legacy

(Volume 128 Supplement 6 June 2019)

from Editorial
A Tribute to Dr. David J. Lim : Remembering His Legacy

This special issue was organized to commemorate the legendary contribution and dedication of the late Professor David J. Lim to the international societies of Otorhinolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery. Beginning with his first article,in 1967 when he was at The Ohio State University, Dr Lim, a passionate researcher and author, generated more than 200 invaluable publications, including his most widely cited article. In his honor, this special issue contains the final work with which Dr Lim was involved at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Many of Dr Lim’s former fellows and colleagues have served academically and financially for the publication of this special issue. In particular, 17 scientists in the diverse fields of otorhinolaryngology research generously participated with their recent works. The collection of original articles in this special issue nicely covers up-to-date topics related to a variety of otorhinolaryngologic diseases, such as hearing loss, vertigo, infection, and allergy, involving cellular and molecular biology, psychoacoustics, neuroimaging technology, and translational studies as well as clinical implications.


We hope that this special issue will attract the interest of all otorhinolaryngology researchers and clinicians and that it will be used in providing a scientific basis for the development of novel strategies to treat and prevent otorhinolaryngologic disorders.


Finally, we would like to thank Dr D. Bradley Welling (Harvard University) for reminding us of Dr Lim’s research life and Dr Young-Myoung Chun (Soree Ear Clinic) for organizing financial support.

Sung K. Moon

Department of Head and Neck SurgeryDavid Geffen School of Medicine University of California,Los Angeles, California, USA

Seung-Ha OH

Department of OtorhinolaryngologySeoul National University Hospital Seoul, South Korea

Hideyuki Kawauchi

Department of Otolaryngology Shimane UniversityMatsue, Japan

Special Thanks to the financial contributors (in alphabetical order):


  • Prof. Ki-Hong Chang (Catholic University of Korea, South Korea)

  • Dr. Young-Myoung Chun (Soree Ear Clinic, South Korea)

  • Prof. Myung-Hyun Chung (Yonsei University, South Korea)

  • Dr. Takashi Jinnin (Jinnin Nagusa ENT Clinic, Japan)

  • Dr. Shinseok Kang (Chungbuk Veterinary Service Laboratory, South Korea)

  • Prof. Sung Ho Kang (Kunkuk University, South Korea)

  • Prof. Sung K. Moon (UCLA, USA)

  • Dr. Mitsuyoshi Nagura (Nagura ENT Clinic, Japan)

  • Dr. Akihiko Nakamura (Nakamura ENT Clinic, Japan)

  • Dr. Kyu Joon Nam (Suhdaemoon Hana ENT Clinic, South Korea)

  • Prof. Emer. Yasuya Nomura (University of Tokyo, Japan)

  • Prof. Seung-Ha OH (Seoul National University Hospital, South Korea)

  • Dr. Shuji Ohcho (Ohcho ENT Clinic, Japan)

  • Dr. Nobuhiro Okazaki (Okazaki ENT Clinic, Japan)

  • Prof. Hun Yi Park (Ajou University, South Korea)

  • Mrs. Yoonhee Park & the late Prof. Keehyun Park (Ajou University, South Korea)

  • Dr. Jun Shimada (Shimada ENT Clinic, Japan)

  • Dr. Tadao Shimada (Shimada ENT Clinic, Japan)

  • Dr. You-Ree Shin (Soree Ear Clinic, South Korea)

  • Dr. Tamotsu Takeshita (Takeshita ENT Clinic, Japan)

  • Dr. Kazuyoshi Ueno (UENO-ENT Clinic, Japan)

  • Dr. Shigehiro Ueyama (Funai ENT Clinic, Japan)

  • Dr. Tomoyo Ueyama (Funai ENT Clinic, Japan)

  • Dr. Takahiro Watanabe (Takahiro ENT Clinic, Japan)

  • Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Yonsei University (South Korea)

  • and Mrs. Young Sook Lim.

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