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In Remembrance of Dr. David J. Lim

“… After pioneering scanning electron microscopy, building a great research program at the OSU, directing research at the NIH and HEI, and initiating the ARO and other meetings, he became ‘in many disciplines’ the most prolific otology researcher during his era and was loved and respected by everyone.” – Prof. Emer. Michael Paparella (University of Minnesota) 


“I knew of and admired Dr. Lim's work for many, many years. I was very pleased when I became associated with him at UCLA.” – Fred H. Linthicum, Jr., M.D. (House Clinic/UCLA)


“In the early 80’s, we used to share hotel rooms at the Breakers in Florida where the combined meetings took place in those days. I have always considered David as my ‘Korean brother’ as a couple with his lovely wife, Sookie. − Em. Prof. Dr. Jan E. Veldman (Utrecht University)


“David was not only my medical school classmate of 1953 but also a very close special friend. He gave me invaluable support in academia and tirelessly helped me educate the next generation of the ENT specialists. … His great contributions would be remembered by all of young doctors.”  − Prof. Emer. In Yong Park (Yonsei University) 


“… He had contributed to the progress of otorhinolaryngology, particularly in the field of otology, as a great leader worldwide. We will never forget his warm friendship.” − Prof. Emer. Yasuya Nomura (University of Tokyo)


“We at the House Ear Institute were so fortunate when he came from the NIDCD to be our Executive VP director of research.  He was a true gentleman, scientist and friend. He will be missed.” − Dr. John W. House (House Clinic)


“David Lim was one of the most productive pioneers in the field of otology research. He also was a warm-hearted colleague and teacher who took care of many young investigators in our field throughout the world.” − Prof. Steven Juhn (University of Minnesota)  


“… Since the second International OM Symposium held in Columbus, Ohio in 1979, David had been my close friend. I remember we often had gotten together after the scientific meetings in Kyoto.” – Prof. Emer. Iwao Honjo (Kyoto University)


"David Lim was an outstanding scientist and a genuine friend with special connections to Scandinavia. The field of ear research and in particular otitis media will miss him and never be the same in future." – Sr. Prof. Sten Hellström (Karolinska Institutet)


“David Lim was a great friend and teacher for 40 years. He was a true scientist, and his contribution to otology is invaluable. His passions in life were his wife Sookie, otitis media and skiing.” – Prof. Emer. Margaretha Casselbrant (University of Pittsburgh)


“… the great mentor of many young Japanese researchers in otorhinolaryngological field. I admire his important contributions to the medical science.” – Prof. Emer. Shunkichi Baba (Nagoya City University) 


“Dr. Lim was brilliant and could light up a room with his intelligence and his warmth. His legacy of curiosity, creativity, mentorship and compassion graces our Academic halls and hearts always.” − Prof. Maie A. St. John (UCLA)


“… David was an invaluable mentor to me, providing advice, guidance and support, not just at the beginning but also throughout my career. …. Most important of all, David was a wonderful friend whom I will greatly miss.” − Prof. Allen Ryan (UCSD)

“… Suffice it to say that David instilled in me a career-long passion for research in the field of otitis media pathogenesis, and I will forever more be grateful for his teaching, his mentorship, his support and most importantly, his friendship.” − Prof. Lauren O. Bakaletz (Ohio State University)


“… David’s enthusiasm toward research had helped me to be interested in research… We owe to David for organizing ARO and International OM Symposium, and encouraging young students toward research.” − Prof. Timothy Jung (Loma Linda University)


“An inspirational world leader and mentor in the field of otitis media with visions, passions and actions.”  − Dr. Xin-Xing Gu (NIH/NIAID)


“We are honored and touched to see this memorial featuring many thoughts and reflections from David’s friends and colleagues. A large part of his efforts stemmed from his idea that, with a field full of talented, well-trained, and passionate scientists - all of you - there was no limit to its possibilities. He would be so proud to be remembered in this way, and we are really appreciative to all of you.” − The Lim Family (Young Sook, Michael, and Robert)

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